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Attention Hunters, Professional Snipers, and Competitors.

How many of you take map reading and navigation seriously? I’d bet that most of you are far more focused on buying gear and widgets for your rifle than you’re focused on making sure you know how to find yourself on the globe – without a GPS device.

Navigation without the aid of a GPS device should be the HIGHEST of your priorities as a rifleman. It’s no wonder why every US military special operations unit’s selection processes are so heavily focused on the skills of land navigation; you can’t do your job if you can’t get yourself to work at the time you’re supposed to be there.

Thinking you’re always going to be able to pull out your phone and look at OnX, or your Garmin is going to leave you in a world of confusion when that technology isn’t there. Don’t be that guy.

I can promise you that…

…there isn’t a more thorough and comprehensive online program to learn the skills of navigating with a map and compass. 

We can guarantee that you’re going to come away from this masterclass with the skills you need to confidently navigate yourself in any climate or place, day or night.

We brought in one of the foremost experts in the field…

…to set this program up as a no-frills approach to learning these skills using the same concepts as we use to set up our shooting curricula; using bite-sized chunks of information in a way that builds layers of skills.

We set you up for success by taking you on a trip through the basics of learning a map, how to read a map, how to use a compass, and then a variety of navigation techniques that will suit a multitude of terrain and environments.

We want you to come away knowing you have the confidence to venture into the wilds of the world and always know where you are, and how long it;s going to take you to get where you’re going.

Complacency Kills.

Right now I’m guessing that if you’re a hunter or a law enforcement sniper and you have to plan a route you’re going to jump on any of the digital mapping platforms and submit yourself to technology. You cruise over Goggle Earth, OnX Hunt, or Gia and plan your route. 

You probably don’t even take a paper map with you, relying solely on technology to get you where you need to go. That’s all good and fine, until it’s not… Complacency kills.

I’ve seen people deep in wilderness areas lost and bewildered and staring at the blank screen of a device that ran out of juice, truly scared about the predicament that they’ve gotten themselves into. You want to experience real, primal fear? Go into the wilderness and get yourself lost.

Want to Stay Alive (Warm and Fed) In the Wilderness? Anywhere on Earth? Read on…

After you complete this masterclass, with a little dedication and drive, you’ll be able to grab a map and compass without a GPS in sight and set out to conquer your environment. You’ll never have to rely on a GPS again to make it to your destination, and you’ll be able to do it in every environment on the globe. 

Basically, you’ll be looked at as a God by your mates, a whisperer of the mountains.

What’s at Stake…

  • The cost of not having these critical skills is why search and rescue folks have jobs. 
  • The cost of not having these critical skills in a tactical environment means missed timelines, and mission failure, and at worst, costing people their lives. 

This is serious. Reliance on GPS devices is a fool’s errand because there is ZERO guarantee that it’s going to be there when you really need it. In fact, chances are pretty great that you’ll be in (large swaths) of digital blackout zones. No reception. Anywhere.

We put together a perfect flow of information for you to consume that follows a logical process to learning how to successfully navigate with a map and compass. And your brain.

Access the Course 24/7 - Anywhere you’ve got Internet Access

This course is at your leisure, from the comfort of your own home. Best part about it? When you’re ready to practice, you get to be outside!

To start with, you’ll order your map, and other necessary gear with easy links.

Then you’ll learn everything integral to Wilderness Land Navigation – from using your map and a magnetic compass all the way to building route cards and employing advanced navigation techniques and maintaining your gear.

Gaining These Skills = Faster and Easier Than You Might Think

(With Our Expert Instruction!)

Try learning all this on your own and it’ll take you ages, a great deal of discomfort…at the very least. But with this masterclass, it’s not going to take nearly as long as you’d expect to gain the skills you need. 

If you can hit a class once a day so you’re not losing ground with big gaps, you’ll be crushing it in no-time at all.

Every time you go out and apply these skills, you’ll be gaining ground in your confidence.

Here’s What You’ll Get Out of The Masterclass…

  • Confidence in the Wild: Gain the skills to navigate confidently in any wilderness environment, reducing dependence on electronic devices.

  • Compass Skills: Understand how to effectively use a compass in tandem with a map for precise navigation.

  • GPS Proficiency: While focusing on traditional methods, also learn how to effectively incorporate GPS technology as a complementary tool.
  • Route Planning: Develop the ability to plan and follow routes in the wilderness, optimizing travel efficiency and safety.

  • Practical Exercises: Apply what you learn through practical exercises designed to solidify your land navigation skills.

  • Increased Enjoyment and Independence: Enjoy the freedom and satisfaction that comes with self-reliance in wilderness navigation.

  • Personal Development: Develop patience, attention to detail, and strategic thinking – skills that are beneficial both in and out of the wilderness.

Community and Support: Access to a community of like-minded individuals and ongoing support from MDS instructors.

Meet Your Instructor:

Cody Carroll

We partnered with one of the foremost experts in this field to build this masterclass for you. Mr. Cody Carroll is a renaissance man when it comes to soldiering. He’s a consummate professional with an incredibly diverse career that spans from the US Marine Corps to the US Army, in both conventional forces and special operations. In Cody’s off-time, he enjoyed the challenge of adventure racing, assisted with the development of the first Sniper Adventure Challenge, and now provides mountain and jungle mobility training packages to US Special Operations forces. We couldn’t think of a better teacher to develop our Wilderness Land Navigation Masterclass.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It…

“I completed this course in preparation for the Sniper Adventure Challenge and a hunt here in Arizona. It was very thorough with short, digestible lessons. Having a map with associated workbook was great! Overall it’s a great program!”

Michael McCants

“Course instructor was knowledgeable and experienced. Communication and presentation was top shelf with excellent supporting material. All exercises were pertinent to the course material and reinforced fundamental teaching points.”

Deputy Terry Cross

“A while back, I found myself in a classic hunter’s dilemma – lost in the wilderness late at night, low on fuel, and with no clear idea of our location. Despite my navigational skills, we were unprepared: no map, no phone signal, and no GPS. It was a humbling experience that ended with us finding our way back, a story to laugh about around the campfire.

This incident coincided with my time volunteering with the Army cadets, where my daughter was also involved. We decided to take the Wilderness Land Navigation masterclass from Modern Day Rifleman. It was an enlightening experience, reinforcing our existing knowledge and vastly broadening our understanding.

The course was engaging from start to finish, perfectly tailored for riflemen and outdoor enthusiasts. The masterclasses offered by the MDR team are unparalleled. They’re a reminder that there’s always room for improvement, even for those who think they know it all. Delivered in a language that resonates with us, they’re invaluable. Big thanks to the team – keep these coming!”

Loz Hemmings, Austrailia

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Wilderness land Navigation Masterclass

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  • Lifetime access to the Wilderness Land Navigation Masterclass
  • Comprised of 23 individual lessons within 11 modules, including:
  • How Earth’s surface is divided and sectioned
  • How to precisely locate your position
  • Colors of the Map
  • Terrain Features
  • Protractors
  • Taking Care of Your Map
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • UTM & MGRS
  • Rates of March
  • Orient the Map
  • Resections
  • Terrain Association & Dead Reckoning
  • The Box Method
  • Contouring
  • Handrailing
  • Offset Aiming
  • Catching Feature
  • Attack Point
  • Building Route Cards
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Azimuths
  • Back Azimuth

All for $197

You’ll Love It, Guaranteed.

We’re so confident in the quality of all of our programs, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know within 14 days of your purchase and we’ll issue you a full refund. Let’s just say we haven’t had many people take us up on it.

Fair warning…

This masterclass is going to give you results, but you’re gonna have to get out there and put yourself into uncomfortable and challenging situations to really witness the fruits of your efforts. You’re going to have to test yourself on your own to see what you’ve retained and what skills still need to be honed, and you’re going to have to see your skills in action under a wide variety of geography and weather conditions.

Are you up for it?
We hope so.

A Final Note…


Before you go, I want to leave you with a reminder; your safety in the wilderness is your responsibility, and yours only.

Being prepared isn’t just about buying the newest hunting or backpacking gear, or electronic widget.

Being prepared is about having the knowledge and the skills to be aware of not just your capabilities, but your limitations as well.

We’re here to help you get there.

Much like our other Masterclasses, this course isn’t just about pulling the trigger. We take a holistic approach to marksmanship—covering not only the essential shooting techniques and body positions, but also the mindset, mental resilience, and equipment that make a complete marksman.

You can’t hit the shots you don’t take, and you won’t optimize the shots you do take if you’re not grounded in the fundamentals. Stop wrestling with your rifle and start making each shot a confident, calculated decision.

We’re rooting for you and can’t wait to welcome you inside the course to begin your journey toward mastering the art of shooting.

Keep Your Face On The Gun,

-Caylen and Phil


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