A Holistic Approach to Precision Rifle Training

Hello, I'm

Caylen Wojcik

Co-founder of Modern Day Sniper

Along with my co-founders, Phillip Velayo and my wife Kassandra, we’ve dedicated ourselves to revolutionizing precision rifle training. Our journey began with the Modern Day Sniper podcast, which has quickly grown into one of the most revered sources of quality information in the precision shooting community.

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Kassandra Wojcik


Caylen Wojcik


The Birth of
Modern Day Rifleman

Though Phil and I were military Snipers, we knew early on that we wanted a brand for non-professional precision shooters – competitors, hunters, and enthusiasts alike.

We realized the need for a space where discerning shooters could find relevant information and engage in meaningful conversations without the fear of judgment.

Thus, the Modern Day Rifleman Network was born.


Modern Day Rifleman Advantage

And while our MDR network will always remain 100% free, for those wishing to go deeper with us, we offer a premium paid membership as well: Modern Day Rifleman Advantage.

This is designed to make our training accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or schedule.

With over 160+ hours of high-quality training materials that already exist in our content vault from years past, we provide our members with a comprehensive learning experience that covers technical topics, mindfulness conversations, drills and guided practice sessions. Speaking of mindfulness…

Mindfulness Behind the Rifle

At Modern Day Rifleman, we’re not just about getting better at precision training, but also as human beings.

We’ve seen first hand the power of mindfulness and self-reflection in enhancing performance. Precision shooting offers instant feedback, allowing you to truly understand your abilities and limitations.

Our goal is to foster a healthy mindset that contributes to your growth as a shooter and as an individual.

The Journey of a Rifleman

In 2023, we took inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” to focus on personal development and breaking through mental barriers.

Our monthly discussions, journal prompts, and guided practices are aimed at helping you navigate your own path to success.

What To Expect in the Advantage in 2024

For 2024 we’ll be re-focusing on our Technical and Fundamental topics, providing our subscribers with technical knowledge as well as guidance on skills they need to meet their own individual goals for the training year. 

  • 6 Technical Advantage Discussions: Dive deep into specific areas of expertise with industry professionals.
  • 6 Fundamental Advantage Discussions: Master the foundational principles of precision shooting.
  • 12 Guided Practice Sessions: Enhance your skills with focused, high-quality media capture techniques.
  • 12 Live Q&A Sessions: Get personalized guidance and answers to your questions.
  • Bonus Content: Enjoy live sessions on specific topics from your teachers.
  • Access to the content Vault with over 160+ hours of high-quality content from the previous 4 years of our services.

Discounts for Heroes

We offer special discounts for active duty military, law enforcement, first responders, and veterans. Thank you for your service!

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Subscribe annually for just $379 (vs. $37.99 a month) and save $76—which is like getting two months free! 

Not ready for a year-long commitment? We also offer a month-to-month option.

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Become part of a community dedicated to improving not only their skills as riflemen but also their understanding of themselves. Join us on this rewarding journey and become a better shooter and a better human being.

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